Day of Shopping

My husband and I went shopping today and I came home with oodles of new crafty stuff. I am really excited about this book:I love pin-ups and would love to work with them, but since I sell a lot of my work I don't want to be concerned with copyright infringement. I am hoping that this book will help me to draw my own! I will definitely be talking more about this book in the near future.

I also bought some new tools to try with polymer clay, a clay gun and a push mold. I had so much fun making the filigree pill box that I would like to make more, so hopefully a clay gun will make the process a lot faster. I have also seen art dolls being made with faces of polymer clay, this is the mold I bought:
I like how round they are, they remind me of the moon. I can't wait to start playing with them.

That is just a sampling of what I bought today, I'll be showing off more of my new projects soon.

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between the worlds said...

crafterella- i have the same mold- i love it!! my kids do too. makes great faces for art dollies