Bargain Hunter #4, What I Sent

My package was mailed out today. I can only hope that everything fits, it is very challenging to sew clothing for someone I don't know and can't have a fitting with.
The most disappointing thing is I made a big mistake, I thought I would just add one more little stencil to one of the tops and when I ironed on the freezer paper there was ick on my iron and it transferred to the top! There is not way to fix it and I could not find a replacement when I dashed to the store in a panic.

In person it doesn't look as bad as this picture, but it is still noticeable. I tried to think of some way to fix it, but came up with nothing, well actually nothing good. A big applique?, no; another stencil?, no, not going down that road again; some sort of patch?, no. I did send it as is, hopefully it is still wearable or can be modified by its new owner.

The next shirt was made by combining two t-shirts into one and then stenciling. I was not thrilled with how the stencil looked, the coloring made it blah.
I went back and hand painted some highlights to make it pop a bit, I like it much better now.

Here is the star of the swap. It may not look that fabulous on a hanger, but I'm hoping it will fit my swap partner perfectly (crossing fingers).
The top is silk (I think) brocade and has a fitted shape with an almost halter styled neckline and then I made a coordinating shrug out of stretch velvet.Here's the detail of the neckline, it will look much better with boobs filling it out, trust me!
I love doing the bargain hunter swaps, they really challenge me and I am more willing to try new things, I am looking forward to the next one.

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