Still Knitting and Bargain Hunting

I am now at the point where I frogged the other sleeve(yes I am a slow knitter, but in my defense I have been working on about 5 other projects). This one appears to be wide enough to fit around my arm without the sausage effect. I think I need to knit about 20 more stripes and I will have one sleeve done, maybe I'll finish this in time for a balmy June evening.

I have also been working on designs for my partner(liebschien) in the Bargain Hunter #4 Swap. I am hoping to make several different tops. I bought two t-shirts(one black and one green) and I want to combine them into one babydoll styled top with puffy sleeves and I found this great stencil here that I want to do with bleach at the hem. I also scored some beautiful deep blue oriental brocade fabric and some deep blue stretch velvet that I would like to make into a top and shrug and I also have a vintage pillow case that I could make into a top or a bag like this. I am waiting to see if Hobby Lobby has patterns on sale tomarrow, but I may have one in my stash that I could alter to fit her.

I had my first sale on Etsy yesterday, yay me! and I am making a custom bag for one of my coworkers. I need more supplies badly, we are planning a supply trip in two weeks, I can hardly wait, Hobby Lobby, Micheals, and Joann's oh my!!!!

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