Bargain Hunter #4 Swap

Here are the fabrics that I have for the Bargain Hunter Swap on Craftster. The green and the black t-shirts were $1.00 each, the blue velvet was $1.00, and the oriental brocade I found in the remnant bin for $4.50(with a 50% off coupon). So, I still have $3.50 of my budget left to spend.
I've started reconstructing the t-shirts and am about half way there. I just had my husband modeling for me since he is closer in size to my partner. I definitely need more elastic, I wasn't planning on using any, but now I can't do without it. I will also need some interfacing, but if I don't need a lot I'm sure I can find some in my stash. I was going to go to the one local thrift store today, but it was closed(it's been snowing all day). I have a pillowcase that I got for $.50 that I may use to make a top or a tote bag, I don't need to send it until the 18th., but I would like to finish early, we'll see how these projects work out I may need the entire time.

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